Every lady love shoes! I assume, if I needed to select from buying shoes and being in a romantic relationship, I would go for buying shoes! Any day!

Here are my best reasons why I think I am deeply in love with shoes than being in a relationship!

Shoes are sexy!

Basically! A great footwear can make any lady feel like she’s on top of the world! Marilyn Monroe quoted “Provide a Lady the right shoe, and she’ll conquer the entire world!” I couldn’t agree more!

You can select the size!

Unlike men, you can choose the style, size, and fit! And do you know what, if you don’t like them you can always give them away to your very best friend or sister and be happy with yourself by making another lady happy!

You could have as many as you want!

No-one can stop you; you are permitted to have as much as you want! A lot more, the merrier. No-one will judge you for having several!

They never leave your closet!

Shoes can never leave your wardrobe and wander off into the neighbor’s closet by ‘mistake.’ They stay put until you get them and adorn it!

You can always return those you don’t like!

Let’s face it; most shoes include the money-back guarantee and the ‘original’ certificate. The best part is the fact that you can always return them or exchange them for an alternative pair if you don’t like the first one you attempted!

They are a lot more reliable!

You may blindly trust your shoes to never give up on you! They are reliable and don’t ever complain. And they also accompany you wherever you go!

There is certainly one for each and every occasion!

There’s a perfect shoe for an important meeting, a strappy sandal for the night time out, awesome looking wedges for a vacation to the mall or that sexy couple of boots to strut during the winters; there’s always one for each and every occasion!

They compliment you every time!

Your shoes compliment you every time; you even get complimented on them, not only by the men but, by women too!

They don’t judge you!

Skinny, extravagant, high or brief – your shoes never judge you! They love you even more and cause you to look prettier than before!

It feels much better than ecstasy!

There is absolutely no better high than the sensation of shopping for those perfect shoes and swiping the card to make it your possession. Accept it; the feeling is simply orgasmic!

I hope you like my crazy set of reasons why I love my shoes.

What Is Your Favorite Shoe Type?

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